Lightnin Grow The Beginning - At Home Growers

      Life for Lightnin Grow began thousands of years ago and to this day has been the most effective way of growing anything. By combining seaweed (Kelp) and fish proteins in a bio digested form This method creates EM (Effective Microbial) in soil. There are many Native legends and stories about how this practice began which I may yet share with you in the future but for now I will share my own reflections of how this practice came to be known as Lightnin Grow. Early in my life I was asked to mix the barrel which meant stirring oxygen into a mixture of fish parts left from spring fishing and seaweed tossed up on the shore from early spring storms although this was considered an honor, I found it not very pleasant. I would spend a few hours a day mixing this solution with an old war paddle that by some strange twist of fate had a lightning bolt painted on both sides. I didn't much enjoy this work but it seemed to do great things to the strawberries which I did enjoy so I would seldom complain. I would mix this several times a day sometimes being watched by a neighbor, an elderly gentleman who raised cattle. As spring turned into summer and plants grew tall in the gardens, I also noticed the elderly man grew more and more puzzled by this barrel I was mixing and occasionally watering the ground with and mostly just before a storm. We started harvesting early crops of corn tomatoes beats greens and were planting a second crop of some plants while the man across the fence was still waiting for his first cobs to show up on the corn he grew for feeding his cattle. One day as I was mixing when  the man yelled at me questioningly in an odd accent and asked me "Boy What You Got In That Lightnin Barrel?" Not Knowing what exactly to say and a little taken by his questioning I simply waved the paddle and Replied in an attempt to match his accent "Its just Lightnin Grow Sir"

      From that day on I would always refer to the mix as Lightnin Grow Fertilizer, As the years rolled by I found myself in situations where I would meet growers of a different type who grew plants in places that were hard to reach without traveling great distances into the woods as not to be noticed by law enforcement or other people who would steel these plants. Some growers had houses set up and it was difficult to bring the large amounts of fertilizers in without being noticed by nosy neighbors. So these people liked the option of taking small mason jars instead of big 10 gallon jugs to grow there plants.

      for the next 25 years we became very adept at growing and mixing the exact formula that would work on any stage of growth and on any plant. As cannabis became legal we decided to create this for every type of grower from house plants to vegetable gardeners as an all natural chemical free solution to every growers needs weather seasoned professionals or those who claimed they couldn't grow anything, everyone could now take advantage of this ageless growing method. We super concentrated it so that anyone can purchase from any retail store from convenience and dollar stores to garden centers plant shops and there local dispensaries. Early in the product development stage we were faced with the problem of bottling and distribution and changing the formula would take years of testing and re licensing problems, Eager to get this started and quite frankly running very low of startup capital without borrowing for this reason we were stumped but without hesitation my close friend and partner said "I don't care if we put it out in mustard packs we need to get this out".

      This would prove to be the single most creative idea in the revolution of the fertilizer industry that single solution would take costly shelves of product and place it as a point of sale item saving on shipping costs packaging costs and the expense of having someone stock the items. In each case costing the consumer at the checkout. Our goal from the beginning was to provide the most effective cost efficient all natural easiest solution to all your growing needs and all within a small package at an affordable rate. We sing for our supper and are willing to send 2 sample Lightnin Grow Power Pouch Packs to every Person who is willing to pay postage and and handling that is enough to make 2 full gallons of arguably the best fertilizer on the planet. Click on the link and proceed to checkout. The best You will ever spend.