the legend of Glooscap, Wau-kja-kagah

Although many stories about Wau-kja-kagah (The Trickster) have been told and all have serious lessons  this one comes to mind above all it starts when Wau-kja-kagah found himself hungry at the side of the swift river.

Wau-kja-kagah.he who the natives call trickster was out walking along the river when he saw many plums floating and glistening in the water bobbing in the waves. 

The trickster was feeling hungry jumped in head first as the plumbs disappeared he climbed out wondering where they went when these magical plumbs would again  emerge on the surface bobbing up and down glistening in the late evening light 

The trickster tried again and again to capture the bobbing fruits with the same results until he grew tired. Just then beaver came to the edge of the river where the trickster was splashing around 

Trickster again climbed out and sat breathless against a tree explaining to beaver about the magical plumbs that bob up and down in the waves 

Beaver laughed at the trickster pointing the tree behind him he was leaning against and said "you are reaching frantically for reflections when the truth dangles just above your head".