It's an organic based, marine nutrient super concentrated liquid fertilizer. It is a fish protein extract collected from very deep ocean benthic communities and is combined with brown seaweed extract using bio-technological methods. In doing so Lightnin Grow fertilizer contains various unchanged plant nutrients to aid in plant growth through improved soil condition and fertility. 


What Lightnin Grow does:

-  Helps to optimize plant production by activating root development, and enhancing photosynthesis. This increases the bearing of plants, and produces thicker stalks, heavier foliage, and allows for faster maturity

-  It speeds up the breeding of soil microorganisms to increase soil fertility, allowing your soil to retain more water and nutrients. This helps your plants to grow stronger and healthier. It improves the soil conditions in terms of chemical, physical, and biological. 

-  Accelerates the plants natural defenses to fight stress and disease, but requires up to 20% less watering