What Makes Plants Grow - At Home Growers

We have been growers for over 25 years And have been helping growers even longer producing amazing results

So I’m going to ask you a question about growing your own crops and then explain how LIGHTNIN GROW makes life real simple by taking care of many of the problems haunting growers today

So if you are interested at all in how you can quickly and effectively increase your crop while reducing the cost and half the work if you answer yes you have hit on the perfect product. So let’s get started this is the single most asked question in the time I have been a professional grower.

How does this work better than other products on the market today?

To answer this question we must look at the three best Proven ways to grow anything without the use of chemicals, these 3 methods have not only led the pack but exceeded most growers expectation.

#1. The first and best natural growing method until now has of course been the use of kelp (seaweed) and plant proteins.

This method thousands of years old has proven its power-producing stronger healthier plants and how it reduces growing time extremely. The use of kelp creates shorter growing times stronger healthier plants and less risk of diseases.

#2: arguably is fish proteins are the number 2 best natural fertilizer this method has been used by the first native Americans to walk the earth and still remains to show healthy results. When broken down these nutrients feed the plan and produce effective microbial in the soil making it rich fertile while retaining water like a sponge.

This brings us to the third and the one method that without this nothing would grow.

#3 is known as Effective Microbial (living soil) these microbial are found in higher amounts in the most fertile soils.

Effective microbial breaks down nutrition and makes it useable for plant life enhances root growth self-air rates and retains large amounts of water. some of the uses of EM are to create a living soil as a soil conditioner, enhances and promote photosynthesis, and eliminates other microbes such as E coli. (note;)Some methods like compost tea use manure which also carries E coli and other harmful microbes.